value of online professional networking ?

value of online professional networking ?

What is a professional network?

Every career field has professional associations you can join, networking is actually about building long-term relationships as well as a good reputation over time, it aims for healthier career growth if you are looking for a job, career changer, or seeking for Career advancement, networking is a very effective and professional mutually beneficial connection.

Why is creating a professional network so important?

According to the 2015 Jobvite Recruiter Nation survey, 78% of recruiters find their best candidates through referrals. This is consistent with a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics study that indicated 70% of jobs are found through networking.

Networking Benefits:-

Land a job faster.

Hearing about jobs that are not advertised, Job hunting is way more specific and mutually beneficial for both companies and employees, your professional connection can increase your job hunting opportunities.

Develop and improve your skills


Expanding your professional networks opens doors of chances and benefits, networking opportunities help in career enhancement, it makes you know exactly what you need to enhance to develop your personal and technical skills, it shortens the stairs of career success.


Exchanging information on experiences


Generating new ideas from professional networking is very fruitful, it helps you carry more career perspectives and ways of thinking, it helps in building up and developing your career mindset.


Finding a suitable career mentor or career coach


If you are seeking a career advisor, building a long-term professional network helps you get the right advice from experienced peers, it can help you achieve your personal and career improvement goals much easier.


Pitching your ideas


Your professional network can help in marketing your ideas, it helps you to accelerate your sellings, as you can simply write a blog about your idea. It is quickly shared on an online professional social media platform for your networks to read and share.


Build self-confidence


The right Professional network helps you discover more about your inner abilities, techniques, your way of doing your job, overcoming work obstacles and issues, and developing your social skills.


Be relevant to the latest career trends


A professional network helps you follow up with the latest career techniques, know more about the latest technology. With new advancements, systems, and processes, technology can make any job easier.


Meet new clients


Expanding your professional networks allows you to meet new clients and make new trustworthy business relationships, your professional network helps to embrace your branding image and this can help you improve your persuasion abilities.


How Can You Create a Successful Online Professional Network?

Start with your workplace


When the people you know in your workspace hear your name, what are the first 3 skills and personal characteristics that come to their mind, make sure to leave a good impression, and a good reputation helps you grow your professional network


Follow up with the people you meet


Exchanging contact details is so important to start a conversation, start inviting them to connect with you on professional platforms and websites, start appreciating their work and follow them, maintain your current networking, start mutually reacting and supporting them.


Help others


Sharing your knowledge and experience makes benefits of your existence either online or offline and don’t forget that helping others returns to you, it’s always mutually beneficial.


Join business groups and online events


Participate in group discussions, post-professional information, and comment on other people’s posts, it’s important to join communities, groups of your fields, join life events and try to engage.


Don’t stop networking


Building professional networks is not just an activity, it is building trustworthy sustainable relationships that help you in personality development and career coaching along your career life path.


Start sharing beneficial content


Don’t be just a follower, you can’t build your online professional network without sharing more content, once they start reacting and sharing you are naturally growing your influence on them in the process.

Join a professional networking site


Networking allows you access to opportunities you might not be able to find on your own, it matches your skills and works desires with affordable job vacancies, not only in landing a job, but also in bringing too much professional networking, knowledge, and sharing experiences.

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